Swap A Soup For Supper – Italian Turkey Bean Spinach Soup

It doesn’t have to be a major holiday to cook a turkey in our house. Although I must admit I prefer a whole turkey breast by Butterball or like brand when I don’t have to present a beautiful golden whole turkey to a table full of dinner guests. A turkey breast gives us the meat of the turkey we enjoy most. I know, I know, there are the dark turkey meat lovers out there, and I don’t mean to offend. I’m just saying it works for us occasionally when I don’t want all the appendages (legs, wings, thighs). I just want to use the breasts. Okay? 

A whole turkey breast fits nicely in a crockpot and can be left to cook away with no fuss, and it comes out juicy and delicious. And of course there are leftovers after the main meals have been eaten, the meat sliced for sandwiches, ground up for turkey balls or whatever other uses you repurpose the turkey into. But a favorite, at least in our house, is turkey soup.

A bountiful mouthful of savory flavors, a hardy soup, not heavy, at least the way I make it with this recipe.

This soup can be made with convenient store-bought ingredients (canned tomatoes, beans, stock, and dried spices) or with fresh vegetables, beans, and spices harvested from your garden. If I’m not growing the beans I’m using in soups (or it’s winter months when the garden is taking a rest) I like to use dried beans and reconstitute them for soups such as this. They are much more cost effective and can take on fabulous flavors from the liquids they are reconstituted in such as flavored stocks, wine or beer or juices.

Spinach is added toward the end to wilt it into the liquid.



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