Sweeten Your Day With Apple Cinnamon Buns

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There are days when breakfast shouts “cinnamon roll.” Well, at least that’s what hubby tells me. I’m just going to say it, there are no real health benefits to a cinnamon roll but they just taste soo good and satisfy a sweet tooth. And sometimes that’s what you need/want. 

In an effort to add a little health value to these delicious rolls, I added apples. Hubby hardly noticed as he was inhaling them. This recipe makes quite a few (14 or so depending on size) so be prepared (or cut the recipe in half)! Our extras never made it to the freezer but we did share some with friends. It makes me feel a little better that we didn’t eat ALL of them between just the two of us. 🙂

There are a few steps to this recipe but totally worth the end result. 

Honey crisp apples peeled and chopped.

Steps: saute apples, roll out the dough, spread apples and sauce on the dough, roll up, and cut.

Put rolls in prepared baking dishes and bake. Actually, these will fit in one 11″ or 13″ X 9″ baking dish. When I made the first batch I underestimated how large a baking dish I needed. Therefore you see that I had to use two dishes. 

Frost and serve! This frosting is made up of simple powdered sugar and milk. If you prefer, frost with a cream cheese frosting for a thicker finish. 

Indulge in a bit of sweetness!

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