Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

This month’s five favorites start with a great memory I wanted to share while we were in Italy last September. We ran into Phil Rosenthal, the writer and producer of the “Everybody Loves Raymond Show,” star of “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having,” and also “Somebody Feed Phil.” He happened to be filming a segment for the “Somebody Feed Phil” show. We were in Venice at the same time, and actually met him in Modena. What are the chances of that happening? He is very personable and although we were filmed in Modena at the Mercato as he was walking by, we were cut from the segment. It was a thrill nonetheless. 

Somebody Feed Phil – A series on Netflix all about Phil Rosenthal’s foodie experiences around the world. Check out Episode 1 entitled ‘Venice.’ We were there! I keep rewinding the footage from the Mercato in Modena to see if somehow our faces were on camera blurred in the background, but I have to give up the fantasy that we made it into the show. If you’d like to read about that day in Modena, here is a link to the blog post. Phil’s Having What We’re Having.

Bookmarks – I know, I know, most people use Kindle’s or other reading devices today and books have almost become extinct, but there are still books in libraries and many kinesthetic people who like to hold a book, turn the pages, and get much enjoyment out of reading the old-fashioned way. For those of you who do, these bookmarks are not only nice, but inspirational. The Cottage Market also has many free downloads you might enjoy. 


Thought you would enjoy seeing two ways to make pasta. One by hand and the other machine production.

Bucato Pasta Making. We all have our own methods of making pasta, even if it’s picking out a favorite variety at the grocery store. This article is a good read and the short video is just beautiful to watch. (Beware of a little harsh language only in the first few seconds of the video.) 

Demaco Pasta Production Highlights. Had to share the more professional production of pasta with the short video showing the process of Demaco pasta. It reminded me a little of my Uncle Lou’s pasta machines he brought to the United States from Italy way back in the day for his pasta company Gabrielle Macaroni. His were quite antiquated compared to these modern wonders, but a thrill to watch produce pasta nonetheless.


Tips for Long Air Flight Travel. Travel season is in full swing. Being trapped in an airborne metal tube for hours on end can take a toll on even the most frequent flyer. Long haul travel doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Here are here are some helpful tricks to make your trip more enjoyable.

Travel Hacks For Frequent Flyers. This article has more great tips for travelers. A “must read” for traveling any time of year.


I broke my own rule this month by featuring six favorite things instead of five, but I just had to!

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