Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

December is all about the holidays. Family traditions, office and neighborhood parties, religious ceremonies of all varieties are sprinkled throughout the month, and most attached to gift giving in some way. So here are a few ideas:
Gusto Di Roma. Do you enjoy the foods of Italy? Well, I’ve found a fabulous source for you! Meet Matthew Alessandro De Bellis and check out his company Gusto di Roma. You may be able to check off a few people on your gift list, including yourself with the food items he provides from Italy mailed right to your door! For more information and details contact Matthew at https://gustodiroma.com or email at info@gustodiroma.com


100 handmade gifts under $5. There are a lot of great ideas for gifts on this site — ones to make yourself and ones to make with kids for their teachers or family members. And while some items can be made for under $5 they are not cheap or cheesy gifts that will go in the regift pile (at least I hope not). I especially like the projects using recycled materials that make gift wrapping fun (start saving those toilet paper rolls). 




Matching Christmas PJs. This may not have been a time-honored tradition in your house, but it was in mine. When our kids were young I would make matching PJs which they would open as a present on Christmas Eve (much to their consternation), wear to bed, and then wear during all the present-opening activities. Now, you don’t have to make them, you can buy matching PJs for the entire family, including the dog! Run Spot run!


Chesapeake Bay Heritage Scented Candle
Chesapeake Bay Heritage Scented Candle. This candle will give the scent of the most fragrant fir tree in just one small jar. This candle has many reasons to like/want it: it’s a soy candle, it has a long burn time (about 80 hours), it’s encased in a frosted glass jar that goes with any decor, and is reasonably priced. Hint, hint Santa! You can find them on amazon.com.
Food to Make Love To – Ah Those Italians Cookbook. Antimo Cimino is an amazing chef. He divides his time between creating unique travel experiences for his clients through his company Voomago and his love for creating melt-in-your-mouth delicious food. Well, there is his health and wellness expertise too, let’s just say he is a man of many talents.

This cookbook grew out of his passion to cook and is a story of family and food inasmuch as it is a wonderful book of recipes and pictures. To learn more about the cookbook: http://antimocimino.com/cookbook/

To order a book email:  antimo@voomago.com


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