Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

This March will feature a few of my favorite gadgets. You might imagine writing a food blog that I have a state-of-the-art kitchen with every conceivable kitchen gadget, but no. However, spending a lot of time in the kitchen gives me the opportunity to use and enjoy a few utensils, tools, and gadgets that save time and make working in the kitchen easier. Here’s five I use regularly and don’t know how I lived without. 


Garlic Press Rocker. With as much garlic as I use in my cooking, this kitchen tool is a lifesaver in time and effort. I discovered it also works equally well with ginger. There are no sharp edges on this instrument like a microplane or zester. It does require a little pressure to get the garlic to start coming through, but the rocking motion picks it up quickly. Easy to clean too!

Trivae 3-in-one. It’s a trivet!  It’s a lid holder! It’s a display stand! This gadget was a gift from very dear friends and I never knew it existed. I don’t have to worry about putting it away in the cupboard because it is in constant use as a lid holder, a trivet for hot pots or pans, and occasionally as a place to lay hot cookie sheet or display dish. And I maneuvered the top piece at a slant to use it as a cookbook stand, so it has a fourth use in my kitchen!

Staub Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven. If you are going to invest in a good dutch oven, this one is worth a try. I’ve cooked cornbread, chili, pasta sauce, baked beans, soups… a number of dishes, and all have turned out delicious. After cooking most recipes, the pot easily wipes clean. Check out the cornbread recipe I made with this dutch oven.

Ove Glove. Cooks have their favorite pot holders and in my time, I’ve tried more than a few. The Ove Glove is what I’m currently using. I wish they came in sizes as my hands are small and the gloves are big but they work and other than getting a fingertip in my sauce occasionally (when picking up a hot pot), I’m happy with them… until something better comes along.


Canning Jars. Before you think I’ve gone completely off the grid, hear me out on this one. Canning jars are so underutilized because most people don’t think of using them for anything other than canning. They are great for storing dry goods (beans, pasta, rice) in your pantry. They make a unique gift package filled with everything you can imagine. Check Pinterest for endless ideas. Canning jars are available in multiple sizes and colors. And a variety of lids are available so you don’t have to use the awkward two-piece canning lids if you’re not canning your ingredients. Besides using them in my pantry, I use them in my sewing room to store buttons, and in my office to house paper clips of all shapes and sizes. And friends have received mason jar gifts for many years!

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(Please note: I am not paid to promote any of these products – these are just personal choices.)

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