Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

August already? Summer is half over! It’s been so busy around here with cookbook promotions, TV segment, and local book signings and events that I haven’t spent much time on the computer which usually leads me to many new ideas, products, and tips. This month is a very eclectic list of unrelated things, yet useful and interesting. There may be one or more that piques your curiosity. 

Scrubbie swap – it tells you when to throw it away – the pattern on the scrubby side will start to fade (you don’t even have to mark your calendar). It’s made from a patented polyurethane foam base that also contains an antimicrobial agent and dries quickly. Fun fact: Skura sponges harbor 99% less e.coli than traditional cellulose sponges. 


Veggie chop tool – it chops, it whips, it is a miracle tool. Check it out on Food 52 or the smaller version can be found on Amazon. Veggie Chop



Saline solution to clean stains – did you know you can use saline solution to clean stains on clothes? I can now wear a white shirt when drinking wine! Interesting article with tips. 




How to cut a recipe in half. Have you ever noticed that most recipes are written with portions for 4 or 6 people? I’ve often needed to revise measurements in a recipe with only my hubby and myself to cook for most of the time. I found this chart and thought it would be an easy cheat sheet to refer too. I printed and laminated it and it is in a drawer in my kitchen for easy reference. 







For more favorites, type the word “favorites” in the search box on the website and many favorites back issues will appear or follow this link: FAVORITES

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