Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

Oh, so you thought this post would include five favorite Italian recipes? No, not this time. This is the new format for the monthly five food, drink, or life favorites I’m sharing with you. Thank you to all who chimed in last month to help name this featured recurring blog. It’s fun collecting a few favorites over the month so hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Five Favorites posts once a month. If you missed the previous monthly five favorites, check the end of this post for links. 

16 Cooking Questions You Want Answers To

Okay, so I’ll admit it. I google a fair amount. It’s just so easy to find an answer to something quickly by googling the question. In the olden days, people looked things up in encyclopedias. Imagine being faced with opening an encyclopedia today and trying to find an answer to something you have a question about. Yikes!

These 16 cooking questions are fairly common, and you may already know the answers. Pay attention to #7, how to salt pasta water. Some people don’t salt their pasta water enough.


4 tips on eggs by Chef Jacques Pepin

No  matter how good a cook you are, we can always learn something new. I just love to listen to Chef Jacques Pepin speak – with his oh-so-French accent. His tips on eggs is worth a quick read.


Common Sense Dehydrating

Anyone with a vegetable garden, fruit trees, or someone who frequents the in-season farmer’s markets knows that there are times when fruit and vegetables are so abundant (and cheap to buy) that you have more on-hand than you can eat. When preserving these food items it is essential to choose just the right method. Would canning be the best choice? Freezing? Or would dehydrating makes sense? This blog has some great information if dehydrating is your method of choice. 




Okay, so I thought this item was the best thing to come along since, well, since plastic grocery bags were invented. You know the ones in the store that you pull off a roll and use for your carrots, celery, cucumber, onions, etc. Once home, do you leave your veggies in these plastic bags to store them in the fridge? I saw these online and knew I wanted to try them out. But you know me, I scoured the internet for the exact same material, ordered it, and made my own. I love them and the food does seem fresher and no more plastic! If you are interested in how I made them, let me know in the “comments” section.


18 Summer Salads

During the summer and actually a good part of the year I enjoy eating a salad for lunch. I throw ingredients together quickly and savor the flavors. Most of my salads are dressed with a drizzle of good quality olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar. This post shows a variety of salads you might enjoy adding to your menu. HINT: scroll down the post for links to all the salads that are nicely categorized. If you click on the “slideshow” button at the top of the post, it will take you across the pictures, and you can get to the recipes, but I find it laborious to click across picture-by-picture when alternatively I can scroll down and pick out the salads that appeal to me quickly





Yoga With Goats

This may sound like a weird experience, after all, have you ever heard of doing yoga with goats? It takes yoga to a whole new level. This article and video are fun to read and watch. 



If you missed the tips and favorite things from past blogs, here are a few of the links: Cornering The Markets,  A Little Sage Advice, Fiddler On The Roof, Handy Dandy Tips & Resources, A Little Bit of This, A Few Favorite Things,  Take 5.

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