Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

Summer is in full swing and enjoying these summer days conjures up visions of laying on a beach or in a hammock, engaged in a good book or listening to a fascinating podcast, sipping an iced coffee or tea, eating a fresh-picked juicy peach, catching a quick nap….. BUT the reality is….. time is spent running kids to and from summer camp, planning and/or attending summer outings, figuring out how to stay cool in the summer heat, adapting meals to the barbecue instead of cooking in the kitchen….. and the list goes on. 

Take five minutes out of your busy day or lazy summer afternoon to check out this month’s favorites. 

Witch Hazel – Anyone reading this who is under 50 probably doesn’t know what witch hazel is. It was even a mysterious product back in my day. One of my hubby’s aunts born in 1898 swore by it. Looks like witch hazel is making a come back – even Amazon is selling it. Interesting product and uses from the witch hazel plant.


Storing Berries – Better Homes and Gardens article with great tips on storing berries, includes recipes for using your berries. Summer Fruit Daiquiri looked like a recipe I’d like to try!

Things To Do With Lemons – You all should know by now that Limoncello is my favorite way to use lemons. Or limoncello cookies, or, or, or, …  🙂 I have to admit, some of the ideas in the article are great too. 



Five things to eat in July From My Fitness Pal Okay, so I wear a FitBit and track food and exercise on myfitnesspal.com. They have some good recipes and articles on fitness. It’s an easy website to use and keeps me “honest” most days. 

Michelangelo’s Grocery List – Ever wonder what a grocery list looked like in the 1400’s? A true artist’s rendering of important items to purchase at the local market. Makes one want to travel to Italy to experience it in person. Oh yeah, in a few months I am!


Yummly Gadgets – Yummly published this article about unusual and yet very handy kitchen tools. My hubby is a gadget freak so I’m keeping him away from this article. Oh wait, we do have a few of these. He must have been internet surfing. [I’m unable to attach the web address because this was embedded in an email sent to me as a subscriber. I’ve copied some of the gadgets below for you. There is a typo in one of these photos from the original I could not correct.]

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