Take Five Italian Minutes (Cinque Minuti) For Five Favorites

This month’s Five Favorites includes edible cutlery, kitchen gadgets you can live without but wouldn’t want to, secrets for making a healthy soup, make-ahead dinner recipes, and an entertaining “Build Your Library” quiz. 


Edible cutlery. No more washing forks and spoons. You can just eat them! Check this out from Zinc. They believe everyone can change the world and are on a mission to inspire and educate people about how to do it. 



Cookie Scoop. Rachael Ray convinced me I needed one of these. After all the cookies I’ve made over the years using the two spoon method – having this tool makes it just too easy to make more cookies. Good thing or bad thing? Hmmmm. I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets.



Healthy Make-Ahead Dinners. Better Homes & Gardens has 25 great Healthy Make-Ahead dinner recipes you might want to check out. It’s a good thing when we can save time in the kitchen, and healthy ingredients are a bonus! I have my eye on the Eggplant Beef Pasta dish to try soon.


10 Secrets to Making The Best Healthy Soup from Eating Well. Anytime is soup time in our house, and especially welcome in the colder months of the year. I had to share this article because I was intrigued by the “secrets” I might not know. I think you’ll find this article worthy of a few tips and techniques to improve the quality of your soups.


Build Your Library Quiz – a fun quiz takes you through a few library choices to come up with a recommended book to add to your library. It only took a few minutes and was fun to explore. I took the quiz a few times, choosing different things to put in my library and the results yielded different books, all of which peaked my interest to read. You might find it amusing.

Hope you enjoy my Five Favorites for March!

Missed a few of my Five Favorites posts? Here are links to a few… February 2018, June 2017, and April 2017 (one of my favorites because it explains the Cinque Minuti story from Rome, along with other interesting tidbits.)

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