Take Five Minutes (Cinque Minute) For Five Favorites

Italian inventions: the utilitarian table fork, once a “scandalous” innovation.  Would you like to read about a juicy scandal that dates back over a thousand years ago? And of course any good scandal includes an Italian somehow. This one involves the fork, yes the very fork you use today to eat your meals. If it wasn’t for the Byzantine princess named Maria from Venice in 1003 you might still be eating with your fingers.

How to build a great cheese board. Certified cheese professional Elena Santogade (who knew there was a certification for cheese professional?) educates us about building a cheese board, including how to pick cheeses, what to serve with them, how to pair cheese with wine, and more! Video is 20 minutes long to grab a glass of wine to enjoy while watching this educational cheese class. 

Fresh ways to reuse things in your kitchen. There are some pretty clever uses for everyday kitchen items in the 101 ideas featured in this article. If you don’t want to scroll through them all, just tap on “view all” and you can see thumb nail pictures of them all and hover over the photos that interest you. I’ve got #7 covered (wine corks as cabinet silencers), number 18 is a great use for old wine glasses and I use #22 all the time.


Five questions to ask yourself before you get rid of  anything. If you just aren’t into repurposing old items and want to declutter or get rid of a few things, ask your self these questions before you do. 



12-Step Success Muffins. Verbalis Neurotica – the unvarnished, uninhibited, uncouth, unleashed writings of Paul Raworth Bennett is one worth taking a peak at for brilliant musings from time-to-time. His “12-Step Success Muffins” will not only motivate you, it will inspire you with words and humor and frankly, it made me hungry. Hungry for more humor in my life, more imagination, more mindfulness, more creativeness. And yes, I had to make blueberry muffins after I read this and saw his photo of muffins that looked like blueberry muffins. 🙂

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