Take Five Minutes (Cinqui Minuti) For Five Favorites

Take Five this month brings laughable moments, somewhat sad news, and a few interesting tidbits in-between. 

Florence, Italy Banning Street Food.  L’Atalo-Americano shared this news which made me sad. I love Florence and never miss a visit to the city when we are in Italy. Over the years we have formed special relationships with some of the locals. Maria’s pottery shop is a must see! She is a true artist and a very sweet lady. We always make it a point to visit with her and her husband when we are in town and, well, buy a few pieces of pottery. 😉 

Florence also has a special place in our heart since our son attended University of Florence. And we always, always enjoy the street food! You can’t beat the 5 euro panini shops. In fact, on one trip we were robbed in Rome and by the time we arrived in Florence only had a few euros to get us through the end of our trip. The 5 euro panini saved us!

The title of this article may be a bit misleading. As with any large tourist designation where hoards of people gather, there is the challenge of keeping the streets clean, art preserved, and trash managed. Florence really makes an effort – they run street cleaning trucks through the heavy tourist areas nightly. The concern is the lack of values, manners and respect for people, art, and spirituality; and the consequences of the irresponsibility, rudeness, and crassness that violate the heritage and art of the city.

40 Uses For Muffin Tins. Do you have an old muffin tin you are about to throw out or donate? Recycle it into one of these uses. Some examples are quite ingenious. I might try a few myself. 


16 DIY Apron Sewing Patterns. Well if you are like me, you can make a real mess in the kitchen and on your clothes while cooking. I’ve ruined more than one white t-shirt with spaghetti sauce or wine while mixing ingredients. These patterns are fun and easy, some use recycled items. I’m particularly fond of the cross-back apron at the moment. It may be a project for the winter. 

Anyway, I’m a bit of an apron freak in case you didn’t know. I have saved some vintage aprons and bring them out for show on occasion. Here’s a post where I display some of my working wardrobe aprons as well as the vintage. Good Will Baking.

3 Badass Nonnas Making Pasta. Be aware, these ladies don’t mince words. Franca, 73, her aunt Elide, 94, and her sister-in-law Graziella, 71, gather in a small hill town of around 400 residents in Umbria, to demonstrate how to make pasta. Sadly, it’s not a video, but maybe a good thing because apparently the F-bombs started flying when one of the nonnas suggests using a machine to make pasta. Eek gads! 

Andrea Bocelli duet with son Matteo. Wow! The two engage in a piano/singing duet of “Fall On Me” that is amazing. Beautiful music times two! And if you like Andrea Bocelli, another song with Ed Sheeran is worth a listen. Dancing in the Dark.


Hope you enjoy October’s Five Favorites. Until next month…..






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