Take Five Minutes (Cinqui Minuti) For Five Favorites

Recovering from the holidays? Aren’t we all in our own way — getting our lives back to normal, whatever normal is for you? Or maybe we’re striving for a new normal in the new year? Let’s start out with these five favorites… first up, positive quotes about self love. All right!

 20 Inspiring quotes to inspire more self love. Karen Salmansohn’s website is full of quotes for every occasion, feeling, or need. These 20 seemed appropriate for this five favorites pick. 




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5 Ways to make your guests think your house is clean. Each year I try to take the opportunity early in the month of January to organize the house as I’m putting it back together after the holidays. Several rooms in the house can be in disarray during this time so these tips are helpful to keep up a good appearance.


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Aluminum foil hacks. There is more than one way to use aluminum foil. These illuminating aluminum foil hacks may introduce you to several very clever uses you may not have thought about. Hack #5 “keep bananas from browning” – I will definitely have to try that one!


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Toxic tea bags.  Before you sit down for your next cup of tea,  check out these brands and what you should know. Here’s a short video that reveals more video .


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20 Great books you won’t be able to put down. January is a cold month in most areas of the United States. What better month to snuggle inside by a warm fire, a cup of tea, and a good book? Real Simple put this list together that should appeal to all reader types.


Happy New Year! 

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