Take Five Minutes (Cinqui Minuti) For Five Favorites

June is the first official month of summer. Any activity outdoors to enjoy the sun is on my list, including picnics and gardening. A few favorites this month include:


Vino on-the-go wine tote. This sounds like a must have for a summer picnic. This tote is much larger than the wine purse I have featured previously. This one holds 2 bottles of wine – OK!



Picnic Table on-the-go. While you are on the move this summer, you can now take your picnic table with you. Assembles in minutes. But why limit this handy dandy table to just a picnic table? You can use it for a side or end table, put two together for a longer table when needed. It’s very versatile. 


Outdoor Wine table. Or if there are only two of you and you are spending an intimate evening at a local outdoor concert, or in your backyard watching the birds flit from tree to tree, this is a clever collapsable must-have table. Also handy if you have multiple guests at an outdoor party. These tables can be scattered throughout the yard for a convenient place to set wine and bites.


Going zero waste. Haven’t you thought about the environment in recent years and how you can contribute to improving it? This lady and her family are doing it! The article includes five rules for going zero waste. Worth the read! (BTW, we do all five of them – not quite as efficiently as she does as we have more waste than would fit in a jar – but we do try to do our part!)

Gardening stool & tools. Seems some of us need to sit in the garden rather than kneel (knee replacements, arthritis, bad backs, etc.) when cultivating plants or going after pesky weeds and this stool may be the answer to some gardening aches and pains. I’m willing to give it a try! 


Hope you find this month’s favorites useful. Somehow the theme created itself around wine (duh!) and the garden. Perfect any month, but particularly for June!

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