Take Five Minutes (Cinqui Minuti) For Five Favorites

July brings images of backyard bar-b-ques, picnics, and summer parties. The heart of summer, warm weather, outdoor activities, and staycations. Since summer activities seem to revolve around food (at least they do in my world), here are a few food favorite tips and myths. 

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Garlic peeling hack. With all the garlic I use in cooking, I’m always looking for a better way to peel my garlic. Garlic peeling hack. This video makes it look so easy to peel garlic. I’ve tried it and couldn’t quite get my garlic to come out that clean, but I’m working on it! 

Then I found this video and thought it looked easier, plus the two young men who produced the video are fun to watch. How to peel garlic.  

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How to cut cauliflower. Year round and particularly during the summer I use cauliflower in vegetable dishes and vegetable appetizer trays. I was happy to find this video by Ina Garten showing an easy way to cut cauliflower into flowerettes.  Ina Garten cutting cauliflower



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How to keep guacamole from browning. Another summer favorite is guacamole. The challenge is to keep homemade guac from browning before the guests arrive. Check out this article for several pointers. Guacamole Tricks.



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Egg myths. Shell-shocking information about eggs. Myths or truths? Check it out. Eggs.




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10 types of onions. Another vegetable I use a lot is onions. I grow four types of onions in my garden. This article has some interesting information about onion types and how to use them in cooking. Onions.


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