Take Five Minutes (Cinqui Minuti) For Five Favorites

September signals the beginning of Fall, school resuming after summer, and harvests emptying gardens of summer vegetables. Change is in the air and can effect many areas of our lives. Are you ready for the transition? 

The five favorites for September include a fun video from Dr. Oz and Pasquale Sciarappa on the healthy aspects of pasta – yes, you read this right, pasta given a “healthy” nod. Check out Yummly’s “no cook” meals and NPR for news you can use.  Also featured this month is a bamboo colander set you didn’t know you needed but will want! 


Dr. Oz – It’s Time to End the War on Pasta. You can’t imagine how thrilled I was to get a nod of approval from Dr. Oz that pasta can be a healthy choice. What makes this a good choice? A major factor is how it is cooked. Check out this video (there are 4 short segments) and enjoy Pasquale Sciarappa give everyone a lesson in cooking pasta the right way. 


Recycled bamboo colander and pour bowl set from Ekobo. It was featured on Food52 recently. Watch the short video as it shows you how to use them together. The pour bowl is so cool – catching the water from the colander – easy to pour the water out and reuse it (give plants a drink too!)

Depending on where you live, this month’s weather can still be hot with “Indian summer” lasting through October. Here’s a resource for recipes that may interest you to keep your kitchen cool.

Yummly. One newsletter I subscribe to is Yummly. This a great source of recipes and interesting foodie facts. A recent newsletter focused on “no cooking needed” foods for those hot days and nights. Recipes included Peach Caprese Salad, 5 Minute Tacos With Avocado Cream, and Thai Crunch Salad With Peanut Dressing. Yum!

National Public Radio (NPR) is a must try. Once I clued into the vast resources provided, it opened a whole new world to podcasts, news, and music for me. I never leave home without it – on my phone or on the car radio. 

A Chat With Chef Gino Angelini. Gino is an interesting guy and praised as the top Italian Chef in America! I’m always fascinated about how chefs run their kitchen, their favorite foods to eat and cook, and how they landed in the kitchen as a chef in the first place. This article touches on all those topics and more. 

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