Taormina Revisited

We first visited Taormina almost ten years ago. The hotel  we stayed in 2013 ============>

We looked forward to returning someday – today is the day! On our way to Taormina, we had to pass through the town where we became friends with the dozen old Italian men standing on the corner gossiping. Sad we missed them today and I’m sure they missed us too. 🙂

Once we hit the base of the Taormina hill, Up, up, up we went, climbing, and just when you think you can’t go any higher, you do! That wasn’t as challenging as getting out of the car and walking up and down the hilly city. Oh my! I forgot that I was nine years younger when we last did this.

After walking and shopping, we stopped for a refreshing drink and then made our way to the cable car to take us down to Isloa Bella. This was fun! It was like ziplining with the protection of being in a metal box. 

I have no photos to document the next adventure, getting down to the beach from the cable car. It was a bazillion stairs (no exaggeration!), none of which were a regular size or shape or depth (yes we are in Italy), and railings were minimal, but with my trusty cane and knee brace I braved the walk down, Antimo and Dick at the ready in case. Although I had an eerie feeling that Dick might just give me a small push and then it would only be one step. 🙂

We had lunch at the Mendolia Beach Club on the beach. Our beach chairs for the afternoon were located just on the other side of the restaurant so we could just roll into them when we were finished.

I braved going into the rocky waters but it was impossible to swim. I just tread water until we got out. So refreshing!


On our way back into town, we had to hike the 1,000 steps back to the cable car. There will be wine and aspirin for dinner tonight!

People-watching is fabulous in any city. The shoes on this Italian gentleman caught Antimo’s eye and of course, we all had to have a look. Obvious? 


And would you believe… we were visiting Terra Vina winery this summer and the wine owner was wearing a really cute dress. I asked her where she bought it and she said, Taormina! She told me where the shop was. The dress shop is named Marilu and I found it and bought it! It’s a nice light linen dress with pockets. Frankly, it looked better on her, but this photo was at the end of the day and I was spent! The dress shop is named Marilu.

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