Tea For Two? No, It’s Tomato Soup For Two!

It’s been a challenge to cook for just two people – it’s just not typical for me.  I usually end up making a recipe for 4-6 people and we either eat it for days or freeze the leftovers and technically neither of these is a bad thing. However, I’ve been trying to cut down on ingredients, leftovers, and be frugal in limiting a dish to a couple of servings. 

This recipe makes four or five cups of delicious soup, perfect for lunch or dinner for two. I’m not sure if it’s roasting the tomatoes ahead of time that makes this soup so tasty, but I think it is worthy of that extra step (and so do my taste testers!). 

The ingredients in this soup are so simple, just tomatoes, garlic, and onions. A few herbs bring out the depth of flavors and with or without a splash of wine, it’s fabulous!

Roasted and ready to be blended into soup!


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