The Wheels of the Car go Round and Round on a Ferrari

Today was packed with adventures and experiences. We started at the Ferrari Museum. Oh wow! If you are into cars it was candy for the eyes – but no touching! Ennio Ferrari was a geneous! 

The Salumi Museum was next. It was extremely interesting to learn how salumi is made by hand here and they prefer it that way. Our guide said if there was a machine that could do the job of 6 men, they would prefer to have the 6 men. They believe in top quality and the knowledge of years of experience. I wish I could bring home one of the large hunks of meat (any kind would do but the proscuitto was within reach) – darn!

I took a photo of the original recipe. It was under glass so it was hard to get a good photo of it – duh! If I could get it transcribed into English that would be great or I could be arrested for stealing the formula of an ancient secret recipe. I’ll call if I need help getting out of jail. 

They served us lunch on a beautiful veranda adorned with bamboo on each side for privacy. Felt like we were special guests – well we kind of were. The meats were out of this world fresh and delicious, as were the vegetables.

Antimo slipped in an extra experience today, a visit to a balsamic vinegar farm in Modena. Antimo knows the owner of this farm and was able to get us squeezed in for a quick tour and taste. Over here people go balsamic vinegar tasting like we go wine tasting so this place is always busy.

The group had never seen a balsamic farm or knew about the process to make it. It was fun to watch their faces as they learned about it, tasted it, and saw the barrels “cooking” the brew or “must” that would eventually become this tasty vinegar. 

Hubby and I have been here twice, which is okay because I use their balsamic and had finished my last bottle before we left. I stocked up before we left of course!

And the beat went on. A quick rest energized us for a night on the town. We crossed the piazza by our hotel and a band was just setting up for evening music. They sang happy birthday to me – so sweet. Antimo brought me a flower that I carried throughout the evening which made me feel so special (and the rose is absolutely gorgeous). Debbie, John and Kyle purchased meats from the salumi store at the museum and treated us to dinner and wine at a local wine bar. This wine bar is the oldest in Bologna and only serves wine. Everyone brings their own food and buys wine to go with. No silverware, no napkins, no dishes. It was a challenge to eat but Antimo showed us how to wrap the meats around breadsticks so we did! Note to self – good idea for a charcuterie in the future.

Well, the evening was winding down. After all, I was now a year older and need my sleep, haha. We had one last stop – gelato! A fabulous way to end an evening! The chocolate gelato is 85% chocolate – now that’s chocolate! Rich doesn’t describe it! So tasty!

A perfect ending to another outstanding day!

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