Three Martini Lunch In Scotland

We left England on the train (I think we had finally sorted out the seating and ticketing). Hubby pulled out his bacon butte that the kitchen at the Foxglove made for our journey. Bacon in England is more like American ham and a bacon butte is basically a breakfast ham sandwich. I first tasted one with our friends in Cornwall back in the 90’s when they BBQ’d the bacon and toast. Oh it was so good. We enjoyed ours on the train ride to the airport. Next destination – Scotland!

When we walked out onto the tarmac and saw a prop plane I was about to walk back into the terminal. No wonder the airline staff scrutinized our carryon luggage – I imagine we’ll be crop dusting on the way to Scotland as well. This is a tiny tiny plane! I wonder if they will be weight loading us next. Oh heavens, maybe I shouldn’t have had all those chips last night. 🙁

The flight went well, a bit noisy and lots of vibration, but it was only an hour so can’t complain. We landed in Edinburgh and were carefully following the people and the signs through to “domestic” arrivals. Well, we knew WE weren’t domestic passengers per se, but we had flown in on a domestic flight, so we just went with the flow. If we got stopped at security, I told Dick to fake his best British accent. No one batted an eye, so out of the airport we went to hail a cab to our hotel. 

Our room wasn’t ready so we hit the streets to find a pub – duh! We didn’t have to walk far before we found Malone’s, a lively place on the corner, and asked to share a table/wine barrel with Michael. He obliged and our first cocktails in Edinburgh began!

I started drinking the pornstar martinis. Hubby was into the beer. I got a little behind drinking but caught up on martini number three, that’s when Dick thought we should head back to the hotel to check in before I was totally useless. Good idea.

Unpacked, a short nap, and now ready for dinner, we didn’t have to walk far to find Omar’s. We have never eaten this type of food before so it was a real gastronomic adventure. We had our eyes glued on the family next to us who seemed to know what they were ordering and how to eat it. We got lost when the food came and there were so many sauces and such but managed pretty well for our first time I thought. The food was very good and I’d eat it again.

We’ll look for Scottish food tomorrow!


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  1. Yes, because you know I would normally only drink one. The amazing thing is I walked back to the hotel! Although I do think the pubs around here should provide knee pads for those who drink to much so they can crawl home. I could have used them that day - believe me!

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