What Could Be Better Than Great Food And Good Wine – Travel Of Course!

Welcome to the new website. I know it doesn’t look different yet – but I am working on changes that will launch in a few months. I’m taking this opportunity to combine both food and travel experiences. Since we have a trip planned to Italy this year, once the new website pages are in place, I’ll be able to take you along to enjoy the experiences. The photo with this post was taken in Bari, Italy at a local trattoria. I’m enjoying a glass of wine and sharing a pizza with the love of my life aka hubby. 

This blog started out as a means by which “something” could be accomplished while I was recovering from a severe back injury, and thereafter recuperating from surgery. It has become so much more than that – a place to share stories, favorite recipes, and failures along the way. It’s almost like sitting around the table with friends, eating great food, sharing a glass of good wine, and chatting the day or evening away. 

Putting aside some previous website unpleasantness, and forging forward with recovery from back surgery, posts will resume on Friday, April 21. 

My new maxim: “Not ALL girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, I’m made of sarcasm, wine, and everything fine.” 


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  1. Love your new maxim Christina. Hope your are feeling better every day. thanks for the call the other day. Paola

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